Lockdown: Charity Begins Online

You have no time to volunteer? Or you think that the lockdown is a limit for you? But wait! Did you hear about online charity? Well, it’s a way for you to donate effortlessly through multiple platform tools.  

It can take the form of fundraising donations, but there are other possibilities online. 

You can do many things online

   You can browse news articles about a certain topic, write thank you letters to caregivers, or create logos for marketing materials or even program web applications, you can consider something simple, such as making phone calls from home.

     If you aim to become a global citizen there are many manners of doing so, thanks to the huge number of non profit networks.

     For example by using Skype people from all over the world can read stories, sing songs, and chat with deprived children in India, Colombia, Greenland…

   Or if you like scientific investigations there are so many studies that can be conducted online, for instance, psychological tests to help better understand humans and societies. 

Choose what resonates with you the most

   You may be concerned by fighting hunger just like us, FeedApp initiative is a connexion between donors and populations in need via an application.

    Teaching, translating texts and videos, being the eyes of blind people by helping them knowing colors, or product expiration date via skype, designing websites…

   Generosity and kindness have no boundaries, just use your imagination and choose what you are good at, feel free to help people no matter the manner is.

      You can do almost anything online now! Including volunteering so we invite you to take action and look up what suits your personality and skills.

      The virtual volunteering is really helpful not just for individuals but also for brands, they bring their social mission to life with technology.

      Don’t forget to tell us what kind of charity resonate with you the most?

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